WATCH: Katy Perry becomes an Egyptian Queen in 'Dark Horse' music video

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WATCH: Katy Perry becomes an Egyptian Queen in 'Dark Horse' music video

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Katy Perry plays with a bit of magic in her latest escapade, the enchanting “Dark Horse” music video. Featuring vibrant golds and purples, the pop singer takes her throne in Egypt, playing Queen, and is showered with gifts from all over the world.

As potential mates approach the goddess, they present various objects of affection, including a giant platter of twinkies and cupcakes, a boulder-sized diamond and later, a cute, fluffy pomeranian. Despite these lavish luxuries, not all these things are appealing to Queen P — in the end, even the hunkiest of all hunks isn’t capable of winning her heart, destined to live life as a dog.

Lifted from her platinum-selling Prism set, “Dark Horse,” with the hip-hop stylings of Juicy J, serves as the album’s third single, following the blockbuster success of “Roar” and follow-up ballad “Unconditionally.”

Throughout the clip, Perry dons various Egyptian-inspired garb, including a blue-accented white wig, a bird-focused ensemble complete with yellow headgear and even silver body paint.

Take a look:


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